Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More on Pollsters Making the Wrong Call

Back in July I speculated that the political pollsters are getting a skewed picture because:

a)  Many of Barack Obama's strongest supporters are  young voters who 
b)  increasingly don't have landlines and as a consequence 
c)   don't get called by pollsters. 

Tonight I had the opportunity to test my theory at an open house at Obama's Santa Clara County headquarters, where the majority of people were under 35. Here are the results of my informal poll of 25 politically active young adults:
  • 14 have no landline
  • 9 live in a house where there's a landline but don't use it
  • 2 use a landline as a primary phone -- the rest use a mobile phone as their primary phone number
We'll have to wait until election day to find out if the rest of my thesis is borne out. Your thoughts?


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