Monday, March 17, 2008

Open Source VoIP Hitting Mainstream?

Small biz newsletter bMighty has a story today about open source VoIP -- a clear indication that the idea has percolated into the mainstream. But small businesses, which typically don't have extensive in-house technical resources, need to look carefully at open source solutions.

Asterisk, the first and best-known open source IP-PBX, is notoriously difficult to use and manage -- sending users looking for an interface to ease the pain. But too often the interface turns Asterisk PBX into another closed system with all the drawbacks of a proprietary PBX -- high cost and limited choice. In this scenario, the only party that benefits from the open source is the vendor who is able to jump start his development with free source code. 


John Myers said...

The small business community will be the "early" adopters of the Open Source VoIP applications. The enterprise business CIO community will shy away from this form of open source VoIP until they see another "big" organization go first. It is similar to the adoption of Linux, MySQL, etc. Enterprise CIOs are remarkably 'cautious' when it comes to certain things....

John Myers

Anonymous said...

hmm... why are you referring to Meadhbh as a "he"?

Carolyn Schuk said...

When I spoke to Meadhbh that was my impression -- one doesn't generally ask people their sex. If I made a mistake, I'm sorry. Please advise.

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